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Why You Should Buy ‘Fireworks With Female’ (Review)

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Reviewed by: Sean Matthew
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Fireworks With Females“Fireworks With Females:” Review

After reading Slade Shaw’s first Ebook, I decided to put together this review of “Fireworks with Females”. Like most men who purchase books about dating, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to learn to relate to women by reading some Ebook. Not to worry. When you read this review of “Fireworks with Females”, you’ll soon find that there are shortcuts in life when you know what you’re looking for, where to look, and how to invest wisely. Know who it is you’re learning from, and be ready to put your new knowledge to use. That second part is entirely up to you. Let’s dicuss the first part first.

How ‘Fireworks With Females’ Came To Be

The authors of “Fireworks with Females” were, at one time, in the same boat in which you find yourself right now. They wanted to have better results with women, and were perplexed and wondered why it is that most men seem to be utterly without a clue when it comes to attracting women, while a very small minority of men seem to be “GET GIRL GUYS”. Sure, you can just assume it’s something a few lucky men are born with, like blue eyes or curly hair. As this book shows, nothing could be further from the truth.

In “Fireworks with Females”, the authors explain clearly and in great detail the precise process they used to reach their conclusions about exactly how to create attraction with women. Once you’ve read it, you’ll realize there’s nothing mysterious or alchemic about these principles, once you realize what they are. The biggest difficulty is that the men who are “naturals” at attracting women aren’t actually aware of what it is they’re doing different to attain such success with women.

These men have simply developed certain habits to the point that the habits have become effortless, subconscious, even. The authors of “Fireworks with Females” spent quite a bit of time paying close attention to the simple techniques these men use.

Fireworks with Females: Living vs Dating

Fireworks with Females” has one advantage you won’t likely find in most dating advice books available, and that advantage is personal growth orientation focusing on much, much more than just dating. If you want to get the most benefit from this book, you’ll have to be willing to make some changes and put in some serious effort.

fireworks with females

When you do this, you will find that most men expect improvement in their dating lives without changing anything about themselves or their lifestyles. “Fireworks with Females” will show you why unwillingness to change is one of the biggest mistakes men can possibly make with women. Here’s a glance at some things you should pick up while reading and implementing this book:

Getting To The Core

One thing I found that was a bit unsettling about the things this book revealed was that these guys actually laid bare the ugly truth about why men “flunk out” when trying to create attraction. They reveal “root words” women use to indirectly show interest or disinterest, and this revelation alone can be life-altering. The part about how to speak in “code” was amusing, helpful and a real eye-opener. The most startling to me, though, was the fact that the mere tone of your voice is very important in whether or not women find you appealing.

To conclude my review of “Fireworks with Females, I would strongly recommend it as part of the library who wants to influence women to be attracted to him and increase his options with them. Remember, though, if you’re going to invest in this book, be realistic about the difficult truths you’re going to face and the changes you will have to make if you truly want to get what you want.

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