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Why You Should Buy “2nd Chance” – Review

‘2nd Chance’ Review

You’ve probably heard about this great relationship building product called ‘2nd Chance’ and I guess you are looking for an honest review about it… Read on.

This is the ‘2nd Chance’ Review from the guys of Flirting with Women Guides

Reviewed by: Sean Matthew
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2nd chance review

2nd Chance” Review

This review of  Mirabelle Summers’ book, “2nd Chance”, will give you a good idea of what benefits you might garner from it. I’ll let you know up front that Ms. Summers is writing from a completely objective point of view, and despite the potential effectiveness and insightfulness of the advice it contains, what you get from this book depends entirely upon your having the emotional maturity to truly put them into practice in order to get the desired results.

To begin this review of “2nd Chance”, let’s break down what the course teaches you:

2nd Chance Review: Strong Points

When a relationship ends, especially if you’re the one who’s been dumped, it usually feels that there is no way on earth you’re going to be able to resuscitate it. Most of the advice available focuses on how to get your life back together after a breakup, to become your own man, a single person, again. We don’t even want to think about the other well-known option, groveling, appearing weak and humiliating yourself in an attempt to win back your ex.

This book provides a simple step-by-step set of rules to follow in order to establish yourself as a man with real value, someone who has learned from his mistakes and has become a much better person in the process. It teaches you how to avoid giving in to your natural instincts to behave in ways which are likely to make you less socially valuable, and convince your ex that ridding herself of you was the most brilliant decision she ever made.

The great thing about this product is that it comes with two (2) amazing bonuses! 2 Increadibly amazing ebook that is guarantee to help you immensely with your relationship with the one you love!

2nd chance review
2nd chance product package

Summer’s plan follows six steps; first surviving the “mourning” phase immediately after a breakup, then regaining your self-confidence, regaining her trust, and most importantly, get her to thinking it would be really smart of her to get together with you again. Here are some things this book covers:

  • Dealing with an ex who ignores you
  • Avoiding the “let’s just be friends” trap
  • Coping with how you feel when she’s moved on with her life
  • What to do regarding the ex who is indifferent towards you and has emotionally detached herself from you
  • Handling the belief you have lost her love.

I feel I MUST point out that a female perspective regarding this topic is invaluable insider information. It is without a doubt one of the most useful, up-front books available today. We all understand that female perspectives can be confusing and misleading when it comes to the world of dating, but Mirabelle Summers is like one of those female friends every guy wants in his life, to tell him how to handle woman issues.

She doesn’t dance around issues, or just skim the frustrating challenges men encounter when trying to relate to women. She gives a clear and accurate picture from someone who obviously knows why women fall in love, why they fall out of love, and how to encourage them to fall in love again – with you!

2nd Chance Review: Bonus Features and Conclusion

To wrap up this review of “2nd Chance”, I would also like to mention that this book comes with two bonus books on happiness and on surviving the pain of a breakup. They aren’t your average “freebie” thrown in as filler. Used with the feature book, “2nd Chance”, they can do far more than help you get back your ex. They can potentially show you the secrets to putting back together your life, so when you do win back your dream woman, you’ll be able to make it so much better than before, she’s bound to want to stay!

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