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Tips on How To Attract Asian Women

how to attract asian womenHow to attract Asian women?

For many non-Asian men, figuring out how to attract an Asian woman can be a bit of a mystery. It isn’t as easy as you might think. The good news is that with a little time and information, you can learn how to do it, and do it well. The first and most important thing to remember when learning how to attract Asian women is to leave behind your thoughts of having your very own Geisha. Asian women have traditionally been portrayed as being prostitutes, Geishas, exotic dancers, and peasants, not to mention subservient. Forget you ever heard any of that, or you are bound for failure.

When you think about how to introduce yourself, please, please do not let the words “I have this major thing for Asian chicks!” Doing so is just as good as slitting your own throat at her feet. Those words indicate to her that to you, she is simply a piece of meat, a sex object. Even if you didn’t mean it to come out that way, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Once those “magic words” have escaped your doltish lips, the only thing left to do is tuck tail, say “good evening”, and try to escape her immediate environs.

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Facts and Info to Help Attract Asian Women

In order to meet Asian women, you also have to figure out where the best places are to meet them. There are a few places where you are almost certain to encounter flocks of Asian women together at one time. It might sound trite, but an Asian restaurant is a sure bet. Don’t go to the giant chain Golden Bamboo All-You-Can-Eat Buffet with Dessert Bar. Instead, seek out the restaurants the Asian locals frequent. You can also look for dances held by various Asian clubs in your area. There is no need to feel awkward going to these dances. Although the dances are hosted by Asian clubs, you’re sure to be welcome, as long as you are polite to the ladies and don’t act like a cad.

how to attract asian women

Places to Meet Asian Women

Lastly, a handy way to learn to attract Asian women involves visiting Asian groceries. If you see an appealing woman in an aisle, pick up two items and look confused. This one is easy. If she is naturally helpful, or maybe even interested, she will offer to help you choose the right one. This opens the lines of communication, so you’re off to a good start.

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…And Finally,

how to attract asian womenIf you truly want to get into an Asian woman’s best graces, learn to tell the difference between various Asian nationalities, and learn a bit about each culture. Do your homework. I cannot stress this strongly enough. DO NOT EVER ask what nationality she is. That is highly annoying to Asians. This is because it brings them back to presuming you are looking at them as exotic dolls, not individual and interesting women. She will tell you her nationality when she’s good and ready!

If a woman does decide to inform you of her nationality, she will be impressed if you can demonstrate that you know at least a little about her culture, or can at least ask intelligent questions about it. No matter how piddling it might seem to you, women usually find this display of vulnerability quite endearing. Do remember not to ask rude questions, no matter how pressing they may seem to you, such as “Do you people really eat cats?” That’s a real mood killer. She may have spent her childhood eating smoked cat on a stick, but she’s also well aware of the social stigma eating house pets carries in other countries.

How to Attract Asian Women does come with its own playbook. Do your homework, follow the rules, think before opening your mouth to speak, know where to look, and exhibit some maturity and common sense. It will come to you more easily with time and practice, and with enough persistence, you will have the Asian woman of your dreams.

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