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The Art of Approaching Review

The Art of Approaching Review

Dating Tips for Guys Written By Girls

I recently read Joseph Matthews’ classic e-book about how to approach women, “The Art of Approaching”, for the umpteenth time. It occurred to me that the reason I keep re-reading it is that I keep gaining knowledge and confidence from it. From there, it only seemed fair that I write a “The Art of Approaching” review.

If you’re contemplating buying this book, you are probably painfully aware that the number one obstacle guys face in the world of dating is just getting past the first approach, then making a good impression. There are scads of other e-books available to teach you how to attract women, how to flirt with them, romance them, and such, but the bottom line is that you are never going to arrive at any of the other stages of dating if you don’t have a successful first date.

The reason I’m writing this “The Art of Approaching” review is that I have absolutely no doubt that nobody knows better than Joseph Matthews how this is the most baffling and perplexing obstruction of dating for men, and what to do about it.

The Art of Approaching Review: an old hand writing

Joseph Matthews’ “The Art of Approaching” has been available for about ten years, and in the interim, it has been revised and updated based on his ever-evolving observations while coaching men about how to approach women. In all sincerity, the first edition of this book was incredible. It gave highly-detailed insider information regarding where and how to approach women, how to end the interaction well, the sort of mindset you need to take on, how to deal with rejection, and many other topics relevant to dating.

Subsequent to publishing the first edition of “The Art of Approaching”, the counsel it offers has become more refined and therefore, more useful. The parts about approaching a woman in specific situations, conversation openers, and using body language are almost certainly the most truthful and useful you will ever find in a dating advice book for men. Some men stubbornly adhere to the belief that this book is only for hapless beginners with no idea of how to approach women.


While it does speak to the aforementioned hapless beginners, and does give them far more than a clue, the fact is that any man who isn’t batting a thousand hasn’t truly achieved perfection in this department, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a read! It’s always good to keep your skills at their best when it comes to approaching women.

Moreover, I think that any guy, who has not reach the perfection stage in his ability to attract women can benefit much from this great book. It can supply people with a rich store of tips and info on perfecting their dating skills throughout their lives.

Top Tips of The Art of Approaching

Joseph Matthews, also known as “Thundercat”, is a wonderful example of how dedication and careful application can lead to immense success. Were you to ever see a picture of him, it would drive home the fact that you do not have to be an Apollo in the looks department to attract women.

After having made this statement, I want to say that any man who believes he’s not “enough” to ever have a chance of succeeding with women, needs to buy this book yesterday or sooner. The author’s personal success story will give you verification (not to mention invaluable advice) that made him one of the most-admired and emulated men in the PUA community.

In “The Art of Approaching”, Matthews shares his own personal “rock bottom moment”, and discusses his sink-or-swim experiences while he learned and mastered the best way to attract women. He talks about personal “aha moments” and the theories that imbued him with the courage to go from being the kind of guy who stays home on Saturday evenings with his pirated copy of a cut-rate “adult” dvd and a blow-up doll to an acknowledged icon of pick-up know-how.


In summation, this “Art of Approaching” review highly recommends buying and reading this e-book, then putting the principles it teaches into practice. It is an invaluable source of knowledge, and you can learn more from it with every reading.

“The Art of Approaching” is absolutely a must-read.

If you’re not convince yet, well again, “The Art of Approaching” is highly recommended.

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