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Seduction Tips for Men

Check out these Seduction Tips for Men and you can add it to your arsenal the next time you meet women. It’s guaranteed to work so take action on what you learn here.

If you are in a search for great seduction tips for men, which can really get you from where you are to where you want to be, you read the right article. I can believe you, if you tell me that some of the tips on dating you got before not only did not do you any good, but possibly harmed your relations with ladies. Well, this is the time and place for you to discover the real thing, which can boost your pull with ladies and help you to cut down on the number of your turndowns.

We start at the beginning, teaching you the paradigm shift you need to introduce to apply these seduction tips for men for your good…

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Ladies Do Not Want to Go First

Unlike men, ladies do not like things to be plainly told to them or manifested, when it goes about seduction. They want to have plenty of space for romance and imagination in their relations with men. So, that is the part, where most guys make their biggest mistakes. Women do like sex, no less than men do and they want to be seduced. But, they just do not want to go first and become the initiators, else seduction stops being a seduction. It has to be done indirectly and with much play in the process.

So, making the following three seduction tips for men work in your life, make sure you do not cross the line, when a lady stops feeling the charm of this game and starts seeing herself as some sort of an object, you want to possess. At this point, all the charm of the game goes out of it for a woman and she stops the game, turning you down.

Do not fire her up, make her feel at her ease

Many guys believe, they have to kindle somehow up the desire for sex in a female. Well, it’s a good thing it is impossible to do. The good news is, ladies already want sex. Only they want to have it with someone they feel at their ease with. The best thing to do to move on in the process is to build up your pull with her and make her at her ease. Making her comfortable with you does not start in the bedroom. Work on it, while you are still on the date with her. Give her little touches now and then, sit close to her.

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Do not start right away with too intimate touches. Do something more acceptable to her, get her used to your little taps, first. It really can build up the ground for the next few hints…

Meeting Place – Your Home

Do not start your date by meeting somewhere down town. Invite her to come over to your home. Let her leave her car there and then go wherever you want to. Later on she would have to come back to pick up her car from your place and this gives you a great chance to invite her to come over. This way you will avoid making her think that the only reason you two go to your place is to have sex and she will be much more willing to go there, because she has a good reason to do so.

Of course, by the time, she might want to have sex with you, but this way she won’t have to worry about how obvious it is.

Don’t Pursue Her, Let Her Pursue You

Consistency is one of the worst enemies of men, when it goes about seduction. They make their progress step after step. It all becomes too predictable with no variations possible, no space for imagination and play. Let’s see, if a lady likes to hold your hand, don’t do it. Hold it back for a while. Do not proceed with kissing, when the time comes. You need to be the first one to withdraw, when you do kiss or hold hands. Become the initiator of breaking down any physical contact with her, make it a game of who stops first. Play it until she would go mad gone on you and ready to tear of your clothes.

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Of course, that is not a complete list of seduction tips for men. However, it’s a good place to start and the rest of it may come naturally to you. Enjoy the process.

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