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Review of ‘Double Your Dating’

Everybody knows who David DeAngelo is. If you don’t then you’re not in the women-hunting-game. Here is one of his greatest product ‘Double Your Dating’  and check out our full review of it.

double your dating

After reading and applying in my life the advices from the ‘Double Your Dating’ by David DeAngelo, I have decided to put together this review on it. I would call this review a summing up of my personal encounter with this book and its application in my life. However, what you get from it can differ much. It is only up to you.

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The reason I am writing the ‘Double Your Dating‘ review is to describe it to you briefly and to let you know what it is about…

The Points that make ‘Double Your Dating’ Stand out from the Crowd

double your dating reviewI want to start my review on ‘Double Your Dating’ by informing you that its author really is not like most other guys, writing similar books. He has started his pickuping career a long while ago right on the streets and goes on with it, using his own ideas in his life. Starting to read this guide, you come to understand, how this guy teaches not only others, but learns the truth himself. A huge revelation to me was his idea about why some ladies talk about dating good fellows, but when it comes to actions, they date completely different kind of guys.

In David’s book there is no place for secrecy or dissatisfaction left in the concept of the pull and the ways it works. Even first couple of pages of this book can enrich your dating skills by giving you a number of great hints on doubling your dating life to begin with. You quickly discover what kind of confusing blunders have hindered your communication with ladies in the past. There is something to presage you about…

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At times you may start feeling ashamed of yourself, gaining an understanding of how silly some of the stuff you have done to build up your pull was. Sometimes your behavior with ladies plainly indicated your state of despair or decreased your social worth immensely, destroying completely you pull with them. And after reading the book, you begin to see all these things.

That is the cons of it…

The Best Pros

The pros of this book is the following: when you finish up punishing yourself for failing so miserably, you can get to work and fix them all, like a piece of cake, and get the best of it. It is not hard. Let me give you couple of illustrations, of how things start to change:

  • You create the right kind of pull starting the very first moment.
  • Changing your behavior during first three going outs.
  • Putting together your plan for the entire event to handle any situation with assureness.

David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating

The above listed things are just few ideas of what one can get out of when they read through this book right after you get your hands on it. Those, who are willing to do more in-depth study of the book and become more sophisticated on the subject of dating, can get much more. If your goal is to boost your personal pull with ladies much, you can take only these three ideas, apply them in your life and get the desired results.

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To finish up my review on ‘Double Your Dating’, I want to say again that buying and reading through this book can really change your life if executed and applied properly.  This is a guarantee! If  you don’t see any changes in the way you approach or talk to women, you can get back your money with the money back guarantee program. I personally believe you won’t need such a guarantee at all.


double your dating review

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