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Perfect Way on How to Approach Girls

How to Approach Girls

Can you imagine what it would be like if you knew how to approach girls in such a way as to greatly increase your choices when it comes to your dating life? Could you get lots more dates as soon as this coming weekend? If this is something that would interest you, you’re probably just dying to know the how to approach girls and how to attract them in such a way that you can have your choice of classy women, or the perfect partner or wife. Without these skills, you’re probably painfully aware that you’re going to have to settle for the ones nobody else chose when the guys who do know how to approach women were making their choices.

Let’s take the bull by the horns, and address some useful tips to increase your options in the dating market:

Finding out How to Approach Girls

how to approach girlsFirst of all, let me warn you up front that learning how to approach girls in an effective way is not something you’re going to gain by osmosis, reading articles and Ebooks alone. You actually have to go out there and start putting into practice what you learn from these articles and Ebooks, and most importantly, you have to be willing to take some risks, make some mistakes, and accept the fact that you may get rejected. Yes, this sounds scary, and of course you were hoping for an easy, painless way to success with women. Sorry, men, but this just isn’t realistic.

If you want to learn to approach girls, first you’re going to have to come up with a way to cope graciously with rejection, because rejection is part of life. Dealing properly with rejection and disappointment is part of being a grown-up. Being a grown-up is an indication of being emotionally mature, which, in turn, is something you’re going to have to possess in order to attract women. Start developing ways to cope with rejection, and you’ll start building your sense of self-worth, and begin to be assured that women need you more than you need them. If you assign yourself little worth, so will women. Empower yourself by valuing yourself.

Think of this: As a man, you have ample time to work on developing your attraction-getting skills and your character, in tandem. Contrary to common lore, being attractive has almost nothing to do with your physical good looks. We fellows are aware that women are more at the mercy of their looks, and have to “catch” a good man before their looks begin to fade, gravity takes its toll, and time catches up with them. Most women perceive themselves as having a limited shelf life, so they feel they need you more than you need them. The sooner you learn this, the more self-assured you’ll be about approaching women.

How to Approach Girls: A Different Philosophy

how to approach a girlHave you read tomes of vague advice on how to approach women, and tried it out, only to find it doesn’t work very well, if at all? If this is the case, you can quit worrying that you’re not doing it properly. Every man out there who is looking for a woman in his life is doing exactly the same thing you’re doing: They’re smiling, complimenting her, maintaining eye contact, et cetera. Is it working? Generally speaking, no, it isn’t working.

Think about it this way: If all the guys have been doing the same things for a long time, don’t you think women are bright enough to have caught on to what they’re doing? Assuming this is the case, don’t you imagine they’re bored out of their minds with this routine?

If you want to want to appear to a girl like a possible diamond in the rough, worth taking the time to polish, you’re going to have to become a master in the art of indirect communication. You’re going to have to learn to make casual conversation indicating only mild interest in her, while your body language indicates that you’re more than mildly interested.

Why is it that most guys don’t believe in this tactic to approach girls? Maybe it’s because they assume women think just like we do. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They presume that women are thinking about the bottom line, the end result, with everything laid out in neat columns in black and white. Women are just not that way. You’re going to have to accept that women prefer a bit of mystery, a touch of unexpected romance, and just a pinch of uncertainty. It keeps them wondering, it challenges, and builds tension, making them want to know you better.

That’s the difference in a man who falls flat on his face with the ladies and doesn’t get very far, and a man who truly understands the importance of subtlety when approaching a woman, to build up curiosity into an intense, heated attraction.

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