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Top 3 Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for Men you haven’t heard of yet…

dating tips for men
Art of Approaching... Approach her now..

I’m sure you realize there are dating tips for men almost everywhere you look, but when it comes to learning how to get the attention of beautiful women, or how to get a girlfriend, many of these tips are simply ridiculous. You’ve probably read the run-of-the-mill dating tips for men over and over, just in different words: go where the single women are, talk to them, use their name frequently in talking to them, be polite, smile, make eye contact, ad nauseum…

Those things are just great. So why in the world aren’t they working for you? If you feel you’re the only man in the world who is puzzled as to the reason for this, breathe easy. You are not in the minority. Most men have no clue as to how to attract beautiful women because there truly is a shortage of useful advice out there. Let’s just cut to the chase. I’m going to give you three of the most effective tips for getting great results fast:

Three Powerful Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tip#1: Get Online

If you’ve yet to create an online dating profile because you snicker and say online dating is only for losers, catch up with the times and create that profile. Granted, in the past, people might have thought it a bit desperate to try to find a date or a mate online, but today, things are much different. The internet today is a huge global “market”, where people have social networking profiles, dating site profiles, blogs, and even their own websites.

What this means for you is that if you haven’t yet searched the internet, you are very much behind the times. Online dating websites aren’t just good places to meet women, they’re also places to learn useful dating tips from other guys and practice them to find out how women respond to those tips when you put them into play.

Dating Tip#2: Get Your Life Together

Yes, I know this is the one bit of dating advice you’re not going to want to hear, but it’s one of the very most important ones. Dating affects your lifestyle, and your lifestyle affects your dating. If you want to have success dating, you must focus on being the sort of man who can attract and keep the attention of women of quality.

dating tips for men
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Each of us wants to know how to draw beautiful women to him, or how to get a great girlfriend, but very few of us are truly willing to do the work necessary to attract the woman of your dreams to you and keep her. Women are looking for men who are content and enjoy their careers, who take care of themselves, and are reasonably financially secure (read: have a job and have good hygiene).

Take a look at your life in its present state, ask yourself what kind of woman you want to attract, and be honest with yourself about what you need to do to become the man who is going to attract the kind of woman you want in your life.

And the last of our three gems of dating advice:

Dating Tip#3: Set a High Value on Yourself

Do you get nervous when you encounter a gorgeous woman? Do you feel the sort of women you’d really like to date are way out of your league? Do you feel traumatized when a woman rejects you, because you can’t bear not having her in your world? If this is the case, you aren’t valuing yourself highly enough as a man.

If you haven’t yet realized it, being too modest, too humble, destroys your self-esteem and self-confidence. This also means death to your dating life, since the number one trait women are attracted to in a man is – you guessed it – self-confidence.

Dating tips for men
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Put a higher value on yourself, even if you don’t yet believe it, or even feel it. Keep telling yourself you’re worthy, and eventually, you’re going to believe that you are worthy, and that you do have value. As a friend of mine says, “Fake it ‘til you make it”. Believe me, it works. Make it a habit to remind yourself that you have value.

These three dating tips for men can make a huge, positive difference in your life if you take the effort to put them into practice:  get online,  get your act together, and assign yourself a greater value. Others will accept this increased value, and this will bring you results if you’re determined and stick with it.

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Tips on How To Attract Asian Women

how to attract asian womenHow to attract Asian women?

For many non-Asian men, figuring out how to attract an Asian woman can be a bit of a mystery. It isn’t as easy as you might think. The good news is that with a little time and information, you can learn how to do it, and do it well. The first and most important thing to remember when learning how to attract Asian women is to leave behind your thoughts of having your very own Geisha. Asian women have traditionally been portrayed as being prostitutes, Geishas, exotic dancers, and peasants, not to mention subservient. Forget you ever heard any of that, or you are bound for failure.

When you think about how to introduce yourself, please, please do not let the words “I have this major thing for Asian chicks!” Doing so is just as good as slitting your own throat at her feet. Those words indicate to her that to you, she is simply a piece of meat, a sex object. Even if you didn’t mean it to come out that way, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Once those “magic words” have escaped your doltish lips, the only thing left to do is tuck tail, say “good evening”, and try to escape her immediate environs.

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Facts and Info to Help Attract Asian Women

In order to meet Asian women, you also have to figure out where the best places are to meet them. There are a few places where you are almost certain to encounter flocks of Asian women together at one time. It might sound trite, but an Asian restaurant is a sure bet. Don’t go to the giant chain Golden Bamboo All-You-Can-Eat Buffet with Dessert Bar. Instead, seek out the restaurants the Asian locals frequent. You can also look for dances held by various Asian clubs in your area. There is no need to feel awkward going to these dances. Although the dances are hosted by Asian clubs, you’re sure to be welcome, as long as you are polite to the ladies and don’t act like a cad.

how to attract asian women

Places to Meet Asian Women

Lastly, a handy way to learn to attract Asian women involves visiting Asian groceries. If you see an appealing woman in an aisle, pick up two items and look confused. This one is easy. If she is naturally helpful, or maybe even interested, she will offer to help you choose the right one. This opens the lines of communication, so you’re off to a good start.

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…And Finally,

how to attract asian womenIf you truly want to get into an Asian woman’s best graces, learn to tell the difference between various Asian nationalities, and learn a bit about each culture. Do your homework. I cannot stress this strongly enough. DO NOT EVER ask what nationality she is. That is highly annoying to Asians. This is because it brings them back to presuming you are looking at them as exotic dolls, not individual and interesting women. She will tell you her nationality when she’s good and ready!

If a woman does decide to inform you of her nationality, she will be impressed if you can demonstrate that you know at least a little about her culture, or can at least ask intelligent questions about it. No matter how piddling it might seem to you, women usually find this display of vulnerability quite endearing. Do remember not to ask rude questions, no matter how pressing they may seem to you, such as “Do you people really eat cats?” That’s a real mood killer. She may have spent her childhood eating smoked cat on a stick, but she’s also well aware of the social stigma eating house pets carries in other countries.

How to Attract Asian Women does come with its own playbook. Do your homework, follow the rules, think before opening your mouth to speak, know where to look, and exhibit some maturity and common sense. It will come to you more easily with time and practice, and with enough persistence, you will have the Asian woman of your dreams.

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Why You Should Buy “2nd Chance” – Review

‘2nd Chance’ Review

You’ve probably heard about this great relationship building product called ‘2nd Chance’ and I guess you are looking for an honest review about it… Read on.

This is the ‘2nd Chance’ Review from the guys of Flirting with Women Guides

Reviewed by: Sean Matthew
Ratings: star rating
Website: 2nd Chance
–> Visit 2nd Chance Website

2nd chance review

2nd Chance” Review

This review of  Mirabelle Summers’ book, “2nd Chance”, will give you a good idea of what benefits you might garner from it. I’ll let you know up front that Ms. Summers is writing from a completely objective point of view, and despite the potential effectiveness and insightfulness of the advice it contains, what you get from this book depends entirely upon your having the emotional maturity to truly put them into practice in order to get the desired results.

To begin this review of “2nd Chance”, let’s break down what the course teaches you:

2nd Chance Review: Strong Points

When a relationship ends, especially if you’re the one who’s been dumped, it usually feels that there is no way on earth you’re going to be able to resuscitate it. Most of the advice available focuses on how to get your life back together after a breakup, to become your own man, a single person, again. We don’t even want to think about the other well-known option, groveling, appearing weak and humiliating yourself in an attempt to win back your ex.

This book provides a simple step-by-step set of rules to follow in order to establish yourself as a man with real value, someone who has learned from his mistakes and has become a much better person in the process. It teaches you how to avoid giving in to your natural instincts to behave in ways which are likely to make you less socially valuable, and convince your ex that ridding herself of you was the most brilliant decision she ever made.

The great thing about this product is that it comes with two (2) amazing bonuses! 2 Increadibly amazing ebook that is guarantee to help you immensely with your relationship with the one you love!

2nd chance review
2nd chance product package

Summer’s plan follows six steps; first surviving the “mourning” phase immediately after a breakup, then regaining your self-confidence, regaining her trust, and most importantly, get her to thinking it would be really smart of her to get together with you again. Here are some things this book covers:

  • Dealing with an ex who ignores you
  • Avoiding the “let’s just be friends” trap
  • Coping with how you feel when she’s moved on with her life
  • What to do regarding the ex who is indifferent towards you and has emotionally detached herself from you
  • Handling the belief you have lost her love.

I feel I MUST point out that a female perspective regarding this topic is invaluable insider information. It is without a doubt one of the most useful, up-front books available today. We all understand that female perspectives can be confusing and misleading when it comes to the world of dating, but Mirabelle Summers is like one of those female friends every guy wants in his life, to tell him how to handle woman issues.

She doesn’t dance around issues, or just skim the frustrating challenges men encounter when trying to relate to women. She gives a clear and accurate picture from someone who obviously knows why women fall in love, why they fall out of love, and how to encourage them to fall in love again – with you!

2nd Chance Review: Bonus Features and Conclusion

To wrap up this review of “2nd Chance”, I would also like to mention that this book comes with two bonus books on happiness and on surviving the pain of a breakup. They aren’t your average “freebie” thrown in as filler. Used with the feature book, “2nd Chance”, they can do far more than help you get back your ex. They can potentially show you the secrets to putting back together your life, so when you do win back your dream woman, you’ll be able to make it so much better than before, she’s bound to want to stay!

2nd chane - happy couple

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Using Body Language to Attract Women

Attracting Women Through Body Language

According to the latest discoveries in the area of sociology, over ninety percents of all our conversation and communication with the opposite sex is carried out through non-verbal means, such as gestures and other body language.

So, would it make a sense to learn how to use your body language to attract women? Would it make sense to learn and use the technique in your women attraction strategy to boost your chances? Otherwise, not possessing the art of how to use body language to attract women, you get yourself in a more difficult position, than a foreigner, not knowing the local language of communication.

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There are three hints you need to learn right now to prepare for incorporating your body language to your attract women strategy and boosting your chances for success

Number One is to Avoid Insecure Movements

During your next going out time try to watch how other guys are using their body language and what impression of themselves they produce with it. It would not be hard to see that some motions, twitching or hesitant glances, for example, or wavering gestures together with downcast shoulders make their unconfidence and anxiousness show.

Noticing all these things, you can build a good ground for starting working on yourself and fixing your body language problems. But, just imagine how these sort of men  impress  unfamiliar women and how  well  serves them their body language to attract women.

Number Two is to Get Yourself Some Room

body language to attract women

Most ladies are greatly attracted to self-confident and so to say ruling men, who use their body language to attract women and to demonstrate this quality of their personality. And, how would one show it? By just getting enough space for themselves. They are not aggressive or pushing people away, but at the same time, they are not hesitant to take as much space, as feel comfortable with. They feel as good in the crowd, as on their own sofa at home. Did you ever notice such people?

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As a rule, these guys are not fidgeting, their gestures can be slower and more secure than of others around them. By watching such persons or some male movie starts, if you do not find any live examples around you, you can learn to imitate their body language skills.

Number Three is  Making Room  for Yourself in her Space

If you want to get the best of your body language to attract women, you should learn the following thing: learn how to make a room for yourself in her private space, while you have a conversation. Of course, there is no need to become touchy right away and get too close. However, you should be able to show her, you feel yourself at ease around her. After starting the conversation, you may even venture to give her a slight touch.
It is unbelievable what this little game of gentle taps and strokes on her hands or elsewhere can produce in your flirting. They simply show the lady you are not intimidated by  invading  her personal space. While at first starting to be touchy can bring some discomfort for both of you, you may smooth the things over a bit by starting touching her things, such as her phone, purse or ornaments first.

After all, nothing, no advice or hints can really substitute you practice. Getting some real performance can enhance your body language to attract women skills immensely. So, go for it. Getting a sufficient quantity of using your body language to attract women, will make you a pro on the subject. And, you will know exactly how and why people start responding to your actions and moves.

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Body Langunge to attract women