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Online Dating Tips For Men

On this article we’ll be talking about Online Dating Tips for men, exclusively for men!

Here’s a question: How many times have you read online dating tips for men and then realized they’re all alike, and all ineffective. “Have a good dating profile, bring up something she mentions in her dating profile, and ask questions to which she’ll be able to respond.”?

Only about ten percent of men don’t give up on online dating within three months of their first attempts, because they haven’t gotten good outcomes. If you feel you’re pretty much ignorant of how to actually get a girlfriend online, you’re not alone. Most men feel the same way!

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If, however, you’re still wondering if there are any online dating tips that will actually get you results, let me give you three right off the bat that you can start with immediately:

Online Dating Tips #1 – Don’t Date Online 🙂

What? You’re trying to get a girlfriend by online dating, and I’m telling you not to do it. Not quite, anyway. Here’s how it goes: While online dating is a good way to meet women, but if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend and build a truly meaningful, healthy relationship, you’re going to have to get the interaction going offline as soon as you can.

The majority of online dating tips tell you how to get someone to respond to your email, and how to communicate with that person online. Have you ever built what you perceived was a great relationship via phone or email, but felt nothing when you finally met in person. That’s a sad waste of effort and time.

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Let’s not forget that there are women (and men) who will post pictures of total strangers or pictures of themselves 20 years ago? There’s nothing quite like the confusion when you’ve been corresponding, and finally arrange to meet for a drink, only to find that the person you though was brunette is now gray-haired and wearing orthopedic shoes, and you’re 25? Others simply flake out when they finally meet you in person, for no reason anyone can figure out. Don’t squander valuable dating time online. After establishing a rapport online, the internet is now simply a place to arrange a date so you can get to know each other the “normal” way – in the flesh.

Online Dating Tips for Men Tip#2- Timing Counts – a Lot!

One of the most important online dating tips you can possibly know is that you should send all your emails on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Timing isn’t a big deal to most men, because we are results-oriented. We’re all for immediate action. Women, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. They focus far more on the process a man goes through to meet them, pursue them, and seduce them. They’ve been taught that a man who is willing to make an effort is more worthy of them than a man who isn’t. It’s actually a pretty good rule of thumb for women. A man who isn’t willing to work at all for a relationship is going to be that kind of husband or boyfriend – indifferent and unwilling to strive for a good relationship.

The majority of women involved in online dating get tons of email, and they’re too busy to answer them during the week (unless they’re truly desperate), and they’re distracted by everything going on around them during the week. Most single women go out on the weekend in hopes of meeting men. If it doesn’t happen, they’re going to wake up hoping to find good news in their email as far as dating options go. Oh, look! You’ve got email! And it’s from a man you don’t know!

And now for your final online dating tip:

The Long and Short of Emailing

There are three basic tenets of online dating you must remember: Write fewer than a hundred words. Long emails will make her assume you’re long-winded and wrapped up in self-importance, and she won’t finish reading the email. Next, send a follow-up email a few days later. It pays to be persistent. If she doesn’t reply to that email or the next, give up on that one, though. You don’t want to be charged with internet stalking! Lastly, position yourself as a man of value. Don’t act like you need her far worse than she needs you.

Regarding this last rule, show the same amount of interest or disinterest as she does. If she doesn’t write you back, it’s not the end of your world. This might sound like it would work against you, but if a woman believes you aren’t just dying to hear from her, she’ll naturally assume you have a higher social value than most of the guys emailing her. This will drive her mad with interest!

Now that you’re ready, get out there and get back into the game, using these online dating tips.

Having filled your dating toolbox with these online dating tips, you’ll have a definite advantage over those guys who brought their toolboxes with them empty of anything useful. You’re going to be able to have desirable, socially valuable women in your life, and you don’t even have to leave your house to meet her initially.

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