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How to Talk to Women

If you having problem or still wondering what the perfect way on How to Talk to Women, read the article below and discover for yourself. If you learn it, you wont forget it.

Would you like to learn how to be comfortable talking to women who interest you?  What if you could learn how to approach and attract women, and, using this skill, be able to pick and choose the woman of your dreams, instead of the leftovers of the guys who know how to talk to them? If you want to be a man with many choices in the dating and marriage scene, pay attention to what the experts are saying about how it’s accomplished:

How to Talk to Women Tip# 1 – Know Mistake You Make

If you think you need some advice on how to talk to women, it’s likely because you’re making the not uncommon mistake of preparing ahead of time to go into “approach mode”. This means that when you see a woman you find attractive, your mind and body undergo a complete transformation. You begin to feel anxious and pressured. Suddenly all the things you’d like to say to her to sound interesting just fly out the window, and you’re left there slack-jawed, scrambling desperately for something to say, and terrified she’s going to reject you.

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Have you been in this position? If you have, you probably think every other man in the world feels this way, including the ones who are great at talking to women. That just isn’t the case. Men who know how to approach women do it as an ingrained, natural behavior. They speak to women to whom they are attracted in exactly the same fashion they would any other person they meet. This means they don’t undergo this standing panic and dither and start tossing about their emotional baggage like most men.

What do they know that you don’t, and how can you put yourself in their mindset?

Go Againts The Grain

Most men don’t really know how to talk to women, so most men just bumble their way through. They compliment a woman’s looks, introduce themselves, and then try to guide the conversation towards getting a date, a phone number, or some indication of hope. Basically, most men make the mistake of indicating a burning interest in a woman immediately after introduction, thereby putting their social worth below that of the woman.

After completing this awkward business, they then proceed to “go for the close”. They don’t invest a little of their time to intrigue the object of their interest with a bit of mystery, romance, or playfulness. This isn’t a deliberate faux pas. They’re just men acting like men, going straight for the throat, to “seal the deal”.

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Women, unless they’re “working girls” are more indirect and want their interactions with men to be comfortable, not strained, and have a sense of mystery. Men, being men, hate this. They wish women would just cut to the chase and say what they want, and this is why most men have no earthly idea about how to talk to women and how to attract them.

If you keep doing what hasn’t worked in the past, it’s still not going to work. You’re going to have to do something different, aren’t you?

Master The Art of Communication

As strange as this may sound to you, the secret of knowing how to talk to women is sending them mixed signals for the purpose of building mystery and curiosity. You’re communicating to them that you’re not really all that interested in them, but at the same time, you’re communicating to them in subtle ways that you are interested in them. Examples of this are  light touches when conversing with a woman, perhaps touching her bracelet as if admiring it, or brushing her shoulder “accidentally”. This will intrigue her, but still creates some mystery.

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The art of indirect communication is invaluable, and takes time and effort to learn. Women find it appealing and it piques their interest. Employing this skill may make a man want to bang his head against a wall in frustration, but it is a “must” if you want to know how to talk to women.

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