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How to Please a Woman

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Would you like to know how to please a woman, not just in the bedroom, but out of the bedroom, as well? If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a woman, you know there’s some sort of mysterious system to this. Lots of men who don’t know how to please a woman squander thousands of dollars buying gifts and rearrange their schedules to the point of madness trying to please a woman. At some point, hopefully, you’ll realize this doesn’t work very well, but it’s very inconvenient and can be quite expensive. If you’re looking for some sound advice to learn how to please a woman and make a great connection with her, pay close attention to these simple facts most men usually overlook.

Secret Information on What Women Really Like

One of the main ways you can please a woman is not going out of your way to please her. It might sound downright crazy, but the truth is, women do test us from time to time to see if we’re man enough to stand our ground, or if we’re weaklings with no backbone of our own. Women want a man who can protect them, which means if they have a choice between two men, one who is always polite but always does exactly what she wants, and the other who sometimes just doesn’t jump when she snaps her fingers, but instead does what he wants to do, she’s going to pick the latter, because he can’t be bossed around. This does not mean you should never compromise. That can be equally destructive. Just don’t act like a trained poodle.

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If you want to know how to please a woman, understand that it begins with your becoming able to stick to your personal values when you know you’re simply being tested. If you can do this confidently and with reasonable certainty, you’ll show her you’re a strong man who doesn’t waffle when making decisions. This implies to her that you’ll be able to take care of her and stand up for her when it’s needed. It also means you’ll be able to be the leader in the relationship and keep it that way. Whether or not they admit it, most women are looking for a man who is willing to take a leadership role in their lives.

How to Please a Woman In Her Heart

Probably the most difficult skill a man could possibly need to master is how to please a woman emotionally. You’re going to have to understand the roundabout way in which most women communicate. Men want to cut to the chase, don’t want to guess what anyone is thinking or feeling, while women want you to be able to read between the lines, and decipher what their needs are, then be the man to fulfill those needs. If a woman says her officemate was a total shrew today, she’s not just stating a fact. She wants some sympathy, and you’re supposed to tell her she’s priceless, and assure her that her boss is lucky she’s on the team. “This dress makes me look fat” is not a statement with which you should ever agree, regardless of the obvious truth. She wants you to tell her she’s perfect and beautiful just the way she is.

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Yes, this is enough to drive an intelligent man mad with frustration, so remember that you must understand which needs are the most important to women – significance and certainty. How can you tell these are the most important? Watch women’s TV for an hour. Pay attention to the commercials directed at selling women products that will supposedly fulfill their needs for significance and security. These companies spend boatloads of money every year researching to figure out what the most pressing needs, or perceived needs, of their customers are.

This means you need to do your homework, guys! Women are going to expect you to know in advance what their needs are going to be, so pay close attention to her wording and body language to determine whether she’s acting out of a need for certainty (reassurance of her importance to you, and that you’re not going to bail on her overnight), or a need for significance (perhaps a reminder that she’s doing a great job of whatever she does, and that her contribution makes a big difference. This one is often very important to stay-at-home moms!)

How to Please a Woman Physically

You’re not going to believe this one, but if you can please a woman emotionally and pass the tests she throws your way, your sex life has the potential to become incredibly wonderful. For women, what happens in the bedroom is the icing on the cake, the outcome of everything they put into a relationship. If she’s emotionally unfulfilled when her clothing is on and the lights are on, you’re not going to seem like much of a man of confidence and value, and you’re going to get what you asked for by your lack of effort – not much.

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It is very important to remember that for men, sex is usually 90 percent about the physical part of the relationship, and convenience, and 10 percent about the emotional aspect of the relationship. Women are usually pretty much the exact opposite. If you keep this in mind, and act accordingly, a happy wife or girlfriend is not going to be able to get enough of you in bed. If she’s miserable, nothing that happens in your bedroom is going to be much for either of you to enjoy.

Pay attention to these three areas, and you’ll find it isn’t as hard as you first thought to learn how to please a woman.


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