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How to Get a Girlfriend

If you never had a girlfriend in you life, check out the ‘How to Get a Girlfriend‘ article below and it will definitely help you out! But really, no girlfriend during middle school? high school? 5th or 7th grade?! Read on…

Have you begun to realize that knowing how to get a girlfriend is a skill you need to have to get what you really want? Give this some thought: attracting beautiful women isn’t a course that’s taught in colleges. In reality, if a guy wants practical dating tips, he’s pretty much limited to what he’s picked up from his friends or male relatives as he grew up.

If you’ve started to realize that this knowledge isn’t getting you very far, and you’re probably wondering how to learn workable strategies for getting a girlfriend. What I’m about to disclose to you is invaluable knowledge most men aren’t aware of:

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3 Rarely Talked About Things on Dating for Guys – How To Get A Girlfriend

1) Nice Guys Finish Last

Did you ever notice that the men who really seem to know how to attract the ladies are also some of the roughest of diamonds in the rough, and often totally unrefined? If you haven’t, you’re either a hermit or a cave-dweller. Women say they want a genteel, polite man with polished etiquette, who gets along with and is liked by everybody, and who loves his momma.

But while you were at it, have you not also noticed that the men women actually date never meet this latter description? The fact of it is, ladies, your actions say a lot more than your words. You’ve given us incontrovertible evidence that nice guys finish last. Guys, if you want to enjoy an amazing relationship with a girlfriend, you’re going to have to start observing instead of listening.

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The majority of folks don’t truly understand what they really want, and their words almost invariably are in direct opposition to their actions. If you want to learn the best dating advice for men, start paying attention to the men who are actually in relationships with women, see who they’re chasing and sleeping with. The rest is all fluff.

2) Rejection Works Real Well

What?? How in the world could rejection be a good way to get a girlfriend? Be realistic about this. No man, living, dead, or somewhere in between has ever had a one-hundred-percent successful record as far as attracting women goes. If anyone tries to tell you differently, they’re lying or trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want to be able to choose among desirable women in your quest to get a girlfriend, you have to actually go out there and ask them out on a date.

Yes, this does mean you’re risking rejection, but the more you meet, and the more you ask out, the more dates you’ll get. The odds increase in your favor due to the sheer number of efforts.

3) Neediness Is Your Enemy

how to get a girlfriendMost men don’t have a clue as to how to get a girlfriend, which you can tell, because they’re so obviously desperate to get a girlfriend. This may sound a little weird, but women can sense a desperate man from miles away. This decreases their social value, and makes them look weak. That position doesn’t help when you’re trying to get a girlfriend.

Do you want a beautiful woman in your life? Do you want to have a great girlfriend? Most men want that. To the converse, most women already know this fact, and know what men want from them. They are frequently approached by needy men, and it becomes tedious. The higher a woman’s social value is, the more she’s likely to want a man who has social value and who knows that women need him more than he needs them.

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Work on these three areas, and do it today! This gives you a jump start on all the other guys wandering their way blindly through useless advice about how to get a girlfriend, and they’re going to want to know the secret of your success.

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