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How to Flirt with Women

Another common dilemma that guys have is the knowing the right way on How to Flirt with Women.

how to flirt with women

Being able to flirt smoothly with women is a talent many men never master, or worse, have totally backwards. How do most men start up a conversation with a woman? It’s usually something inane like “Can I buy you a drink?” or “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?” Small wonder that so many men feel like banging their heads on the wall when it comes to trying to attract beautiful women.

If you really want to know how to flirt with women and you’re really tired of rejection due to employing the same old tips every guy knows (smile, make eye contact, tell her she’s a goddess, ad nauseum), you really need to know these three relatively unknown tips on how to attract women with flirting. They’ll be a breath of fresh air to both you and the women you meet.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Consider this: Would you feel completely safe around someone who did exactly what you wanted them to do, exactly the way you wanted it done? Sure, a submissive person is easy to boss around, but that means that person is also not very good at standing up for himself. Women subconsciously want a man who will protect them, and it’s easy to see how being too agreeable can translate as “wimpy” to a woman. The next logical step in her reasoning is likely to be “He doesn’t have a backbone, and he won’t stand up for me.” This is not a good position to be in if you’re trying to attract women.

I know this may go against your grain, but no more Mr. Nice Guy!!! It’s probably one of the most important dating tips you’ll ever learn as a man.

(Please note that this does not mean you need to become a belligerent, bull-headed clod, though.)

Using Unpredictability

how to flirt with women

If you want to make a woman feel safe and protected, how do you create a balance between that and excitement? You don’t want to bore her to death, either. Knowing how to flirt with women requires that you be just a bit unpredictable and leave her guessing once in a while. Be sure to balance this mystery and unpredictability with an air of confidence and willingness to be responsible.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to simply keep your life, your personality, and your values just the way they are, even when they aren’t exactly what she wants. You might lose some due to this, but you’d be amazed at how much more most women will want you when she realizes she can’t use your desire for her to lead you around on a leash.

Beautiful women have more men vying for her attention, and this means she’s already accustomed to men doing just what she wants to keep her attention. Women actually tend to get bored with this, so if you really want her attention, let her know in subtle ways that she’s not going to be able to control you all the time just because you want to be in her life. This will set you apart from the rest of the herd. A bit unpredictable is a bit more exciting.

And the final tip?

Teasing Her When She “Tests” You

Now that you’re aware that a woman will become bored with a man who does exactly what she wants, you’re most likely wondering why so many women try so hard to keep their men on a short leash. It’s simple: she’s testing to see if you’re man enough to stand up to her occasionally or if you’ll fold easily. Most men fail this test and end up as “just friends”.

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It’s quite easy to identify these tests, because most of the time they’re unreasonable or flat out ridiculous. The best way to “pass” this sort of test is to tease her in a pleasant way for being unreasonable or downright silly. After doing this, you’ll automatically bring yourself to the front of the line.

Use these three principles today and be ready to enjoy the difference it will make in your dating life. Then you’ll become the envy of your guy friends as all of them wonder where you learned how to flirt so well with women.

how to flirt with women

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