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How To Use Body Language To Attract Women

Using Body Language to Attract Womenbody language to attract women

You can use body language to attract a woman’s attention before you ever say a word to her. If you’re wondering how important body language is in attracting women, here’s the truth:  Sociologists estimate that about 90 percent of our communication is non-verbal. This means if you don’t know how to use body language to attract women, you may be at more of a disadvantage than a non-hearing person who does know how to use and interpret everyday body language.

If you’re ready to do something about this, and want to learn to use the finer points of body language to attract women, pay close attention to these three things you need to start doing right now:

Body Language Tip#1 – First, Get Rid of Insecure Gestures

The next time you’re in a group of people, pay close attention to the body language other men use. See what you can determine about their individual personalities through their body language. You’ll immediately see that such gestures as fidgeting, glancing around nervously, making tentative movements, and slumping all make them seem insecure or unsure of themselves.

When using body language to attract women, how are these guys going to be perceived by women who have never met them? Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. These observations should be enough to help you figure out which insecure body language messages you need to lose as soon as possible.

Body Language Tip#2 – Take Up Some Space

Did you ever notice some people seem to take up more space than other people? They may even be small in physical stature, but seem to fill up the space around themselves, and seem like they’re on their own turf. They don’t act like they’re on guard, avoid the presence of others, or constantly move out of the way to make space for others. The body language these men use attracts women, and demonstrates self-confidence and a sense of dominance, which women find attractive.

These men’s movements are usually a bit slower than most, and they appear more self-assured. Observe some of these men in action – famous actors are often good examples – and start learning and using their body language examples.

Body Language Tip#3 – Entering Her Space

The most important, but often the scariest, part of using body language to attract a woman is being unafraid to enter her personal space when you’re talking to her. This absolutely doesn’t mean you should get right in her face and paw her. It means you should demonstrate to her that you are comfortable being in close proximity to her, and when you’ve been speaking to her for a few minutes, touching her.

Body Language to Attract Women

It’s amazing how much self-confidence can be communicated through light touches on the hand, playful little taps, hip checks, and other flirty movements that show you aren’t afraid to enter her space. Remember that personal touches like this can be a little uncomfortable to both of you initially, so first get things warmed up by touching her jewelry, her cell phone, or anything else she’s carrying or wearing. Don’t be timid, but don’t be presumptuous.

Lastly, you can read this over and over until you could recite the whole book in your sleep, but it only works if you man up, get out there, and practice what you’re learning about using body language to attract women. There is no substitute for real life experience. Be sure to make mental notes about how every technique you try works. If it doesn’t work, refine the move or toss it. Soon you’ll have a repertoire of body language that does work for you in your quest to attract women.

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