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Dating Advice: Do’s and Don’ts

If you love romance movies, chances are you would have watched “Hitch” starring Will Smith.

This romantic comedy has Smith’s character playing a dating expert who dishes out the do’s and don’ts of dating.

There is a lot of fact in this movie because many couples who go out dating in the hopes of forging long-lasting relationships end up not making a connection at all.

Although there are no definite rules that you should follow to be a success at a dating game, there are some basic dating advice that you should observe. You will probably be surprised because much of these advices are actually very practical. It will do you well to carefully practice these do’s and don’ts regardless of whether you are on your first or one-hundredth date.

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Dating Advice – Dating Do’s

Plan your date. Try to find out her likes and dislikes before setting a date. For example, if she is a vegetarian, you might want to check out some restaurants that serve yummy veggie fair that you too will enjoy.

It is a fact that the best way to make a good impression on your date is by being presentable in looks, words and deed. When it comes to appearances, choose a wardrobe that looks good on you. If you are planning to buy new clothes on a date, try it on in the store. Just because it looks fantastic on the mannequin doesn’t mean it will look good on you. A lot of dating experts advise wearing a good cologne or perfume. However, this could backfire on you if you put on too much. The best way is by taking a bath with scented soap. Then squirt some cologne on your clothes, so that the fragrance wafting off from you is subtle and not overwhelming.

Be honest with your compliments. Make sure that you compliment her on her dress and appearance and her intellect. However, don’t be too gratuitous with your compliments as too much praise will seem forced and dishonest. When conversing with your date, always pay attention to what she says and respond appropriately. As much as possible, avoid nodding too much as this can be a sign of distraction and could be mistaken for rudeness.

Dating Advice – Dating Don’ts

Never be late on a date. Being punctual is a sign that you value the time that you will be spending with her. If you cannot make it on time, call her up, explain to her why and talk about whether you should meet at a later time or just re-schedule the date for another day.

There are several “dating don’ts” especially while conversing with your date. First and foremost, avoid talking about yourself too much. Nothing can be more annoying to a date than to hear you spouting of your accomplishments without considering her own achievements. Never, ever talk about your ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend). This sends the wrong signals to your date that you are merely looking for a replacement for your ex. Do not bring your cellphone on a date. It is very rude to have phone calls interrupt your conversation. Plus, it is a sign of disrespect and lack of interest in your date if you constantly have to talk to someone on your cellphone. Next to overuse of a cellphone, do not get drunk. Drinking too much alcohol has the tendency to loosen your inhibitions, so that you might end up saying or doing the wrong things that will turn your date off.

Last but not least, you have heard this advice about “flirting with other ladies” to keep her interested. This is based on some masochistic notion that some men have that women are attracted to men who are surrounded by bevies of buxom bimbos. Nothing can be further than the truth. By flirting with other women, you are insulting your date. Besides, no woman would want to have a relationship with a two-timer. All women would still want to have a man who is loyal to her.

Let these dating do’s and don’ts put you on the right track to finding that woman of your dreams!

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